Make Sure Your Closing Goes Smoothly With a Real Estate Closing Attorney

Retain a real estate law attorney in Tampa, FL

Escrow trouble? Worried about building code violations? RTB LAW & TITLE, P.A. can guide you through everything from disputes between neighbors to conflicting property titles.

A real estate closing attorney can help you with:

  • Contracts-rely on us to draft, review and negotiate real estate contracts, deeds and mortgages.
  • Investment properties-develop, lease and sell real estate with the help of an experienced attorney.
  • Landlord-tenant law-resolve conflicts and leasing disputes with your tenant.

We have worked with 1030 exchanges and have in-depth experience in the sale and transfer of gas stations. We review and make recommendations on Environmental Phase 1-3 assessments.

Do you want a custom leasing agreement? We’ll draft one for you.

Let go of your real estate stress by contacting a skilled real estate closing attorney in Tampa, FL today. We assist residential and commercial clients.


Protect your home with help from a foreclosure defense attorney

Losing the roof over your head is one of the most uncertain situations you’ll face. Just remember, foreclosure isn’t an unstoppable force. A foreclosure defense attorney in Tampa, Florida can work with you to help you keep your home.

Turn to our office to discover a variety of ways you can delay or stop the foreclosure process. Ask a foreclosure defense attorney about your options by calling 727-286-6257 now.

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